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About Us

The Company was incorporated on May 13, 1999 under the name of Net Trade Innovations Private Limited under the Companies Act, 1956.The Company was subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company on February 16, 2000. The name of the Company was further changed to Hifunda.Com Limited on February 18, 2000. On June 04, 2004, the Company again changed its name to Hifunda Ltd. with the change in its various business activities.

The name of the Company was then changed to Uday Jewellery Industries Limited on 17th October, 2011 post the takeover of the Company by its present management. Currently, the Company is carrying on the business of Trading in cz and colour stone studded jewellery. The new management of the Company has vast experience in the field of Gem and Jewellery.

Our Team

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Sanjay Kumar Sanghi

Managing Director

Ritesh Kumar Sanghi

Managing Director

Tejas Sanghi

Managing Director

Uday Sanghi

Managing Director

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